A Day at the Cerebral Palsy Center

Our mission: To Create a Culture that Supports People with Disabilities through Innovative, Sustainable Programs. This video gives an in-depth look of our days here. We invite you to visit us and experience the warm, family atmosphere for yourself.

Giving our Participants a Voice Giving our Participants a Voice

Giving our Participants a Voice

Many of the individuals who attend the CP Center have moderate to severe communication disorders. We offer a range of classes for speech generating devices and the use of computers to provide avenues of communication – to give them a voice.

Reaping the Rewards of Ownership Reaping the Rewards of Ownership

Reaping the Rewards of Ownership

East Bay Mailing Services Cooperative is jointly owned and operated by a group of CP Center participants. Profits generated by the co-op are shared by each owner, giving them a true feeling of independence and personal accomplishment.

Entrepreneurs at Work Small Business Development Center

Entrepreneurs at Work

Cornerstone, our Small Business Development platform, provides a venue for participants to discover work interests and develop skills that can lead to self-employment. This small business incubator for entrepreneurs guides them to a path for business success.

Wellness Program

Wellness for Everyone

The CP Center’s Wellness and Aging Program is one a kind in the San Francisco Bay Area. It offers a comprehensive, integrative approach that is highly successful in helping people with disabilities increase functionality and relieve pain and discomfort.

Celebrating 75 Years of Service Celebrating 75 Years of Service

Decades of Gratitude

As we commemorate 75 years of serving individuals with developmental disabilities, we look back with grateful hearts to all those who helped make it possible. Each day we recognize the blessings of our participants as well as our committed supporters.

Enriching Quality of Life for Adults with a Diverse Range of Disabilities

In a learning center where innovation, aspiration, and community intersect to enrich quality of life, the Cerebral Palsy Center of the Bay Area offers adults with developmental disabilities the most comprehensive and cutting edge services available. Our unique programs and services are designed to increase the involvement of our participants in their communities, expand their skills, improve their health and wellness, and promote self-advocacy and self-sufficiency.

Beyond Cerebral Palsy

We serve adults with a variety of developmental and physical disabilities including Cerebral Palsy, autism, traumatic brain injuries, stroke-related disabilities, and many others. People with restricted health conditions and a wide range of functional and cognitive levels are welcomed here.

A Compassionate Environment

Our participants experience a happy and compassionate environment with a feeling of true community. We have a joy of learning model with five pillars of attainment that empowers our participants to achieve their potential and realize their dreams. The pillars include education, communication, vocational training, wellness and community integration. We also focus on self-advocacy, independent living skills, and leisure skills. All that we offer is designed to facilitate our participants’ ability to live more independent and fulfilled lives.

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Processing book donation

The Power of Books

There’s nothing like getting a windfall to help your business be successful. That’s just what happened for the entrepreneurs in our Small Business Development Center. To say they are all excited and extremely grateful is an understatement.» Learn More



After Black Frida and Cyber Monday, we invite you to consider supporting the CP Center on #GivingTuesday. Doing so helps people like Chris who simply want an opportunity to better himself.

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Drop, Cover & Hold On

earthquake preparedness

The Cerebral Palsy Center was one of more than 10 million groups to participate in the Great California ShakeOut earthquake drills conducted on October 16.

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Monique’s Creations Exhibited at Café 3016

Cafe 3016 Exhibit

As a business owner, Monique understands that she has to continually put herself out there and get her beautiful artwork exposed to more and more people.. Her work is once again being exhibited, this time at Café 3016 in Oakland.

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