Imagine the Best Tasting Crab Ever

Show Us Your Crab

Crab FeedClose your eyes and imagine the taste of the best crab ever – Mmmmmmm!  How would you describe it?  Like heaven.  The most delicious food ever.  Delectable.  Better than lobster.  Those are just some of the descriptions we’ve heard.  Plan to join us for the 15th Annual Crab Feed and you’ll experience it for yourself.» Learn More



After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we invite you to consider supporting the CP Center on #GivingTuesday. We’d like to introduce you to Chris. You can read his personal story HERE. Like so many with developmental disabilities, Chris simply wants an opportunity to better himself, which happens every day here. But part of the tools available to Chris and other participants are at risk.» Learn More

Drop, Cover & Hold On

earthquake preparedness

The Great California ShakeOut earthquake drills are an annual opportunity for people in homes, schools, and organizations to practice what to do during earthquakes, and to improve preparedness.  The Cerebral Palsy Center was one of more than 10 million groups registered in California to participate in the drills conducted on October 16. » Learn More

The Power of Books

Processing book donation

There’s nothing like getting a windfall to help your business be successful. That’s just what happened for the entrepreneurs in our Small Business Development Center. To say they are all excited and extremely grateful is an understatement.» Learn More

Artist to Artist in Oakland

Monique and Dana King

As an artist and business owner, Monique Harris was very interested in attending the East Bay Women in Business Roundtable Luncheon in Jack London Square.  A panel of Oakland women in the arts held a lively discussion focusing on the thriving art community in Oakland at this Chamber event.  » Learn More

ADA’s 24th Anniversary

ADA Signed into Law

President George H.W. Bush signed the Americans with Disabilities Act into law on July 26, 1990. The CP Center celebrates the anniversary of this significant legislation with renewed dedication to opening the world to people with disabilities. » Learn More

You Might Want One, Too

Save Gas Ride a Wheelchair

A recent guest who was touring the CP Center spotted a “Save Gas, Ride a Wheelchair” t-shirt which is an original design by one of our entrepreneurs, Tyrone. He placed an order for a half dozen of the shirts from Tyrone Cobb Tees. » Learn More

Celebrating Independence Day at the CP Center

Celebrating Independence Day

Celebrating independence is an everyday occurrence at the CP Center as we continually strive to assist our participants in gaining as much independence as possible. Our 4th of July Independence Day celebration included a variety of games in the afternoon along with special treats of watermelon and cookies. Judy proudly displayed the American flag on her new wheelchair as she eagerly showed it off to everyone. Happy Independence Day from the CP Center!


Monique’s Creations Exhibited at Café 3016

Cafe 3016 Exhibit

As a business owner, Monique understands that she has to continually put herself out there and get her beautiful artwork exposed to more and more people. Her tenacity with this, as with everything else in her life, is commendable. Her work is once again being exhibited, this time at Café 3016 in Oakland. » Learn More