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Community Integration

Spending time in the community to focus on the development and practice of independent living skills is an essential element to helping people with disabilities live fulfilled lives. To support our participants gain the confidence to do the things in a public setting that most people take for granted, each participant attending the CP Center is scheduled for community time on a regular basis.  The outings are objective-based and individualized for each person with emphasis on things such as money management, accessing community resources, transportation and communication.  In addition to being a learning experience, the excursions are also packed with fun and fellowship.

CPC On The Move

As the name of this class implies, we have people on the move every day.  Twice a day participants and staff head out into the community to practice taking public transportation and use community resources like the library, post office, restaurants, retail stores and more.  Sometimes they go to museums, have lunch, or attend free concerts and events in downtown Oakland or San Francisco.  Each day is different and every outing has a learning purpose. They may go shopping for specific food or clothing items, do price comparisons, study food labels or practice paying for something and ensuring they receive the correct change.

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