A Poet Among Us

Six lines into the poem, you can feel the constraint and discomfort of the writer. Almost like you were there going through the same experience. John Masterson does a superb job creating a stark reality in the words of “Steel and Leather,” his first poem written in decades.

John MastersonJohn’s bright eyes and ready smile suggest a happy and peaceful life.  Like many of those who attend the CP Center, he gets around in a motorized wheelchair and uses adaptive hardware on the computer.  You know that life hasn’t been easy.  And after reading “Steel and Leather” you marvel at John’s positive attitude, cheerful demeanor and warm, caring spirit.  Click here to read the poem:  http://www.wordgathering.com/issue27/poetry/masterson.html

John has only attended the CP Center for less than a year.  But he quickly got to know the other participants and endeared himself to the staff.  One of the things unique about the CP Center is our Small Business Development group which is an incubator for entrepreneurs to start and grow their own businesses.  Several writers in that group have had their work published, and John promptly identified that he wanted to start writing again.

Any writer would consider John’s first attempt at poetry in many years a success.  It got published in the September issue of Wordgathering, an international online literary journal for writers with disabilities.  To say John is pleased is a big understatement.  He is thrilled and encouraged to keep his creativity flowing.  John has also published three novels A Vampire in the Sun (A Scarlet Peccadillo), A Woman Out Of Time, and What Happened To Jane? all available on Kindle.

John is a graduate of Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, with a BA in English.  We feel privileged to have John attending our programs at the CP Center and look forward to his new work that we know he is already writing.

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